What is the “Personal Service” Promise?

My name is Jeff Schreiber. I am the attorney at Lowcountry Divorce & Family Law. The “Personal Service” Promise is my promise to you that I will treat you exactly how I would want to be treated, that I will know your case and your story as well as you know your case and your story, and that I will advocate for you as passionately and devotedly as I would want someone to advocate for me.

Being a solo practitioner provides me with the opportunity to have my hands in every aspect of your case. When you come in for a consultation–I don’t believe that you should have to pay to have your questions answered–you will be meeting with me. When you receive legal documents for review, you will receive them from me. When you call with questions, or for a status update, you will talk to me. When you walk into that courtroom, at your side will be me.

Family law is inherently, and often intensely, emotional. You deserve an attorney who will ensure that your questions are answered, that your options are weighed, and that will fight for you, for your children if you have any, and for your needs going forward.

I am a big believer in stability. I believe that stability helps people leaving broken relationships find peace. I believe that stability provides children with a way to adjust to the “new normal” in a time of such marked transition. Sometimes, stability comes easy; other times, stability has to be fought for. Either way, with the “Personal Service” Promise, you can rest assured that reaching that stability in your case is as important to me as it is to you.

Feel free to call or e-mail me with questions. Unless I’m in court, I’m nearly always available. And I am always happy to help.


Jeff Schreiber